Sunday, 10 August 2014

Modified Audi R8 by xXx Tuner

Audi R8 was first launced in 2007 by Audi with V8 and V10 engines. This is one of best luxury sports cars in the world with elegant design and look. Its a super car and every one's choice with 6 speed transmissions.
Here in this post Audi is modified by xXx tuner and enhanced its speed and performance. Orange alloy rims are applied on white Audi and orange vinyl is also applied.

Audi R8

Audi R8 side view

Audi R8 rear view

Audi R8 alloy rims

Audi R8 xXx performance

Audi R8 dropped

Audi R8 extended bumpers

Audi R8 customized

Audi R8 beauty

Audi R8 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

White Audi RS Q3 Customized

Audi Q3 customized by ABT is looking very dashing and attractive with black alloy rims. Q3 is a five door compact crossover bu Audi. Its manufacturing started in early 2011 and is still continued.
Its engine is 2.0 which is very economic and is 200 horse power.
Its a little shorter in size than Q5 and Q7. All standard features are included in this SUV along with 18" wheels and 3 driving modes which are auto, dynamic and comfort.
Customized Q3 being shown is modified in a classy style with red vinyl applied on sides and front.

Audi Q3 customized

Audi Q3 with alloy rims

Audi Q3 extended bumpers

Audi Q3 driving front view

Audi Q3 driving close view

Audi Q3 driving rear view

Audi Q3 driving

Audi Q3 engine view

Audi Q3 rims view